How to use

The Launcher must support Icon Packs. You can use it with

Emerald Launcher

KISS Launcher


Lean Launcher


Omega Launcher

Open Launcher

Rootless Pixel Launcher

Sentien Launcher

Shade Launcher

Zim Launcher

Trebuchet Launcher (lineage Launcher) not on F-Droid

If you still have a Launcher where My Icon Pack works, let us know.

If you want to use the KISS Launcher, set it as follows:

When you start the KISS Launcher, you will see a search bar at the bottom.

To display my acrylic icons, proceed as follows: To the right of the

search bar is a 3-point menu, Click on it. You will see "KISS settings"

at the top, Click on it. Then you see the entry "User interface", click

on that too. Click on "Icons (ADW Launcher Theme)" and select

"Mondstern Acrylic Icons".

Then go back to the sidebar and click on the green KISS Launcher icon

on the left. There you will see my acrylic icons instead of the ones from


If something is not displayed correctly, please understand, this is my first

app. I will fix bugs in a new version. I will gradually add all my F-Droid

app logos to my "Mondstern Acrylic Icons" icon pack.